Where is he?

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Home Sweet Home

Thought it would just be a dream forever,
Which I might make it never,
Now it’s all complete and done,
Wow! It’s gonna be a lot of fun.

In the vast expanse of space,
At last, I got myself a place,
It’s my home,
An address, of my own

I will be the king of my abode,
Where I will be prized and adored,
Everything will be, to my likes,
Right from bedroom lights, to toilet tiles.

Mom’ Love, Father’s pride,
Sisters taunt, friends delight,
Grinning children, charming wife,
Will ornate my home, and life.

Without Pluto, we might be a planet less,
This 22nd of Dec, better don’t miss,
Joining the stars, sun and the moon,
Is my sweet little home.

-Dedicated to BT and his new beautiful home

Sunday, March 12, 2006


Probably will remain so...

God created the universe, sun and moon,
And all beautiful things of world pretty soon,
Still unsatisfied with his duty,
Decided to create Miss beauty.

Her smile was so striking,
It flashed in my eyes like lightening,
Though she was quite far,
her eyes were twinkling like star,

Her fingers running thro her hair,
produced Guitar tunes in the air,

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


After a three year gap,
Super star is finally back,
The day of chandramuki’s arraival,
Was awaited like a festival.

At the scene of superstars Intro,
People stared dancing in the front row,
Lottery tickets glittered in the air
Whistle sounds filled my ear.

A leg came out of the car,
And kicked the villains far,
He stood with his leg above his head,
Which no mortals could

There was absolutely no logic,
But who cares, its superstar’s Magic!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

C Program

I wrote this C program during my bench days, inspired by the famous INDIA map C program. My long term mission is to generate a 'beautiful face' as output..

Copy paste in any C editor, compile n run.

??=include main() { int a,_,c; for (_=c=10;a="Vijay anand r. 20001297 C.D ECE\ GBGBBBGBFCEBFBT!\ LBGBBBGBEBABEBDBV \ LBEBCBGBDBCBEBBBV(NBCBDBBBCBCIFBW)\ PBABEBBBCBCBEBFBV!RCFBCEDBEBFBV+C!o@o#l" [_+++21]; ) for(; a-- > 64 ; ) putchar ( ++c=='Z' ? c = c/ 9:42-10*(_&1)); return 0; }


Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Proposal

We had a competition kind of thing in our business unit on Vday, named 'Pen a Prosposal'. This was my entry and ofcourse i lost.

To my eyes,
you are the most wonderful thing,
my heart,
your name it repeats,
more times than it beats.

You are a girl of class n grace,
An angel in human race,
Please Make my life worthy,
With ur blissfull beauty,

I am sure, with u r company,
Rest of our life will be in harmony,
And, the moment we part,
My soul will depart

I love you.


Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Science Sighs!

Where ever she was, near or far,
attracted me with tremendous force and power,
surely, there is a big flaw,
in Newton's gravitaion law.

Her smile, flashes in my eyes,
Her touch, sends shocks in my nerves,
this is called Photo Electric effect,
It has nothing to do with electrons n light

There is a fragrance in her vicinity,
which travels with infinite velocity,
Nothing travels faster than light!
Mr. Einstein, are u really right?

Stars are always huge and enormous,
Guess Hawking’s belief is erroneous
Bcoz, the brightest star of all,
Is just about, 6 feet tall.

Nasa searches life in moon,
And r optimistic in finding it soon,
I pity those poor fellows who didn’t know,
That the moon is living for 23 yrs or so.

Since the almighty,
Created this Beauty,
All our physics laws,
Went for a toss.


A short One

thought of rejection,
fear of refutation,
pain of seperation,

controlling my emotion,
holding the question,
is love our relation?

will i tell my love???


One Rainy day!

Its Raining!

Wow! Its raining! Its raining!
Atlast some respite from sun’s burning,
There are more than a hundred way,
To enjoy this beautiful day..

I could sit back and relax on a couch,
enjoying Indo-Pak cricket match,
Sipping a cup of hot coffee,
Cheering India for the trophy..

Sitting by the window,
Admiring the rainbow,
Nature’s beautiful piece of art,
Happiness filled my heart..

The weather is cool and terrific,
Made me feel too romantic,
asked her for a date,
she agreed, thats great!

all my dreams came to an end,
when I saw my PL standing in front,
reported a big error in my logic,
it cannot get more tragic

I was in total dismay,
Missing such a beautiful day,
Returned to my coding,
Wuf! life is so boring…


The Popular One

In the year 2024…


“Class of 2004 - Reunion”, read the banner,
oh! the last 20 years has gone so sooner,
The great college days,I started remembering,
Seems like only yesterday I finished engineering.

Seeing my class mates, after 20 years,
My eyes were filled with tears,
Everyone has changed a lot,
No one escaped nature’s plot.

Guys who were smart and handsome,
have become bald and buxom,
Girls who used to fill our dreams,
Almost brought out screams.

Saw the girl, whom once I thought as my life,
oops!, today she is somebody else’s wife,
after years, talked to her for a little while,
learned she is happy, that made me smile.

Entered our class’ Mr. Romeo,
Who has played many a cameo
We started teasing him together,
About what all he did to-get-her,

Project reviews to campus interviews,
Nicknames to last bench games,
Cultural rehearsals to love proposals,
Short term crushes to class room blushes.

Everything was fresh in our mind,
Wished life could rewind,
Laughed, played and rejoiced,
Once again we became girls and boys.

Chatting and laughing, we all were in elation,
Till the painfull moment of seperation,
It was time to part,
returned with a heavy heart.

Today life is full of commitments,
And too many worries,
But those cherished moments,
Will live forever in our memories..


My First Poem

Beauty and Relativity

I got into the bus at four fifteen,
should reach my place by five thirty,
the 75 minutes in between,
seemed like eternity..

Took my seat, started wondering,
why life is so boring,
then She came in, like a breeze,
made my senses freeze

In her white garment,
She looked more than elegant,
her beauty was so innocent,
Certainly, she is not from this planet.

She skimmed the bus for a seat,
for a brief moment,our eyes did meet,
I turned my head and looked outside,
pretending to look preoccupied.

Saw her impending,
my heart started pounding,
“Excuse me” was all she said,
sounded like a sweet sonnet.

Took my bag,
kept on my lap,
moved aside,
to let her beside.

As she took her seat,
my heart missed to beat.
a thousand butterflies fluttered in my heart,
whispered suggestions to give our relation, a kick start,

Chose my words charily for her,
which she would remember forever
Gathered all my power,
and looked up to her,

As I was about to talk,
She stood up and started to walk,
checked my watch quizzically,
Oh God, last 1 hour went so rapidly.

Before I knew,
the time just flew
I sat there mystified,
She turned back and smiled.

I thanked the almighty ,
for his genius of creativity,
And thanked “misS Beauty”,for enlightening ,
Einsteins’s theory of relativity…